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Inhaler Tailor Gold Inhaler in Case Front Side Angle

Unique.  Hand crafted.

Inhaler Tailor Gold Inhaler in Case Top Angle

Solid gold and silver.

Inhaler Tailor Clues Scene

Answer 10
captivating clues.

Inhaler Tailor Gold Case Against Round Mirror

To win this ultimate competition prize.

This unique inhaler case, hand crafted from solid gold and silver has been hidden in our home city of York, England.

Each week clues leading to its location are released through our social media accounts.  There are 10 clues and the first person to provide the location correctly wins the case. 

All clues are solvable online and people around the world can participate. Details of how to submit the answer lie encoded within the clues.

Follow us below on your preferred platform to receive clues the minute they're released.

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