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We're a family-owned company focused on making medical inhalers better to carry and use.  With England having the highest unnecessary hospitalisation rate from Asthma anywhere in Europe, we feel simple steps can make a big difference in promoting effective use of respiratory medication.

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Released - XX/05/2022

English company changes the way the world sees Asthma inhalers

The Inhaler Tailor’s products turn the medical devices millions have to carry into mini artworks that enable people to express themselves.

York, North Yorkshire:  1 in 5 people need an inhaler, but over 80% of those people still feel some stigma when using their device in public.  The Inhaler Tailor today announced the launch of their inhaler cases, a new product, which turn medical inhalers such as those used for Asthma into colourful and expressive accessories. Hand made in York, the cases are similar to a phone case and wrap the inhaler in leather (vegan leather made in Italy using wheat).  The Inhaler Tailor is launching with 50 different vibrant designs, and hope their cases will enable people to be more confident when carrying and using inhalers.


“There are over 10 million people in the UK suffering from Asthma; with over 26 million inhalers prescribed by the NHS each year.  Many people still feel awkward carrying inhalers and using them in public; that’s why we’ve develop a range of cases that turn them from starkly medical devices into stylish accessories that let people express their unique personalities.  We’ve worked hard to ensure our cases use the most environmentally friendly materials available, and they’ve been developed with input from the Medicines and Healthcare product Regulatory Agency to make sure they’re safe and easy to use,” says Will Hogge, Founder of The Inhaler Tailor.  “………….” says one user.


The products are handmade in York, England, using an environmentally friendly vegan leather sourced from Venice, Italy.


Features and benefits of the Inhaler Tailor cases include: -

  • Encouraging use of medical inhalers in line with prescription; with research showing over 80% of people currently avoid using their inhalers in public.

  • Helps prevent inhalers collecting dust and lint.

  • Ensures people do not get their inhalers mixed up with those of family members, friends, schoolmates, etc.

  • Enables inhalers to be clipped to lanyards, keyring, etc. to keep them safe and accessible.


The Inhaler Tailor cases will be available starting June 2022, at £12.99. For more information email


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